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Hello World! Again...

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So, here it is - my second technical blog. The first one died along with my frustration on SharePoint 2010 I had to work with some time ago… The resignation burned out and so my willingness to describe my miserable experiences with this hopeless (at least from dev perspective) technology. It was not the best reason for sharing anything with the world.

Why I decided to start new one from the scratch? First of all from some time I’m doing the things I really enjoy. That’s a proper reason for writing a blog. After a long time of working in operations and release management in a more or less waterfall-style project I finally got back to development. Most of those things are related with .NET, applications security and enterprise search. I have a lot of notes on those topics both mental and written in some chaotic way.

The second may sound trivial but it’s really important part of my life nowadays, not only in development - sharing is caring. What’s the reason of learning and discovering exciting things if I don’t share them with others? How can I judge the value of my work if there is no one to criticize it (in constructive way)? When I share I learn faster and, if I stay open-minded, I have a unique chance change my perception. Like said - maybe trivia but still very important for me. I find a life story of a scientist Henry Cavendish especially enlightening speaking of those arguments.

Third reason is that I simply enjoy playing with new toys. In this case it’s a static pages generator tool - Jekkyl. Since I’m also a relatively new user of Git using GitHub Pages might be a good exercise in using this VCS.

I really hope you enjoy the reading of next posts but if you don’t I will probably keep writing.

Cheers! Marek

Update: In April 2017 I moved all the content from Blogspot here (just for sake of consistency ;-) )