Considering Xamarin there can be many reasons for need of screen resolution detection in mobile app. You may have more complex logic of loading your resources possibly split between PCL and Android/iOS projects. Other might want to send this information with REST request for reporting. Whatever your reason is, here is a very short text on how to do it in IoC-friendly way.

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Working with mobile can be quite challenging for a developer with a web dev background. At least that is my experience so far. Comparing to typical HTML web elements with CSS styling some features might be missing.

An example for this kind of issues I faced recently is lack explicit padding for UILabel (and not only). You can either let the label to fit tightly around the text content or set the label’s size (either statically or with auto-sizing).

There are few solutions for this around the Internet (like this or this). Most of them are implemented in Swift/Obj-C, some are somehow incomplete even if provided with Xamarin code. Here is a short compilation of my findings.

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Those of you who enter this blog from time to time probably noticed that there was not update since 4 months. I hope this will change due to my intensive learning in mobile development area.

There will be new posts about my little wins and fails related with Xamarin, iOS and Android platforms - some of them published here and some cross-blogged from Solidbrain blog. Of corse I still want to continue the enterprise search topic I started some time ago. I hope you’ll enjoy the reading.

Cheers! Marek

It’s always good to have static code analysis in your build process. I guess no one these days argues with this statement. This usually forces developer to make conscious decisions on code-level performance, reliability, security, design etc. Few times CA warnings saved me from producing a quite nasty bugs. Sometimes however FxCop yields some really strange stuff.
This post will describe the one I stuck with some time ago. But more interestingly it shows that sometimes .Net developer must look deep under the hood of high-level language abstraction to solve certain issues.

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Recently leafing through my notebook (yeah, I’m still using old-time paper) I found some ideas, quick-notes, self-brainstorming diagrams related with search systems. An original idea for this blog, at least for few first posts, was to present them. Still this requires introducing some of the basics of enterprise search and search systems in general (so I could spare some time in future just referring to those). This is what this post series is about.

In this part I will try to answer two questions - why do people need an enterprise search systems and how complex they can be?

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